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This is the same authentic Water Blast arcade game that you’d find in theme parks and carnivals! How awesome would it be to have your very own? If I were rich I’d be saying, “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!”.

The game challenges up to two players to shoot streams of water at their respective bull’s-eyes. Direct hits illuminate lights on the scoreboard to show players’ progress; a victor is determined when all of a player’s lights illuminate. A barker’s voice initiates the contest, tells off-target shooters to “Aim your gun at the target,” and declares a winner with “Awesome, you won. Let’s play again.” The guns are powered by continuous, 1/2-horsepower water pumps for fast action, and the guns swivel left, right, up, and down so you can adjust your shot. The only differences between this unit and the games in the arcades are you don’t have to feed it quarters (authentic coin doors are disabled) and it does not award tickets for victories.

$11,000.00 - Get it now!
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