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The ultimate gift for any Legend of Zelda fan period. This awesome statue is 17 inches tall and a whopping 16 pounds! This work of art would make an amazing gift for any fan of the series and will easily add 100% more cool points to any room that it’s placed in.

Link on Epona statue, from the Master Arts line of Twilight Princess Centerpieces
Epona rears back on her hind legs, ready to charge into battle
Cast in high quality polystone, individually painted and finished to exacting standards
Comes in deluxe, full-color packaging, with hand numbered base, and includes an Authenticity Card
Limited Edition: Only 2500 pieces worldwide (and ThinkGeek only has a small number of those)
Dimensions: 17″ tall x 16″ long
Weight: Over 16 pounds (this is one hefty piece!)

$449.99 - Get it now!
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