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Originally developed for rehabilitating injured animals and training service dogs, this pet-friendly treadmill will give your pampered pooch the exact amount of daily exercise he needs; whether he’s a burly St. Bernard or a miniature schnauzer.

Dog Treadmill DetailThe Professional model has been designed for use by Veterinary Practices, Referral Centres, Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy Centres, Vet Schools and Dog Training Units (Police Force).
The Professional model can be used for all breeds of dog from Chihuahua to giant breeds such as St Bernard, Great Dane, Irish Wolf Hound, Dogue de Bordeaux and Mastiffs up to 89cms at the shoulder
The incline offers the added benefits of rehabilitating any hip, hock, spinal injuries. The decline feature offers the added benefit of rehabilitating any shoulder, elbow and front movement injuries.

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