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The Rubik’s Fridge looks just like the Rubik’s Cube… except the colors don’t turn. There are two main puzzle cubes in geek mythology, and only the Rubik’s Cube is used for good (no fridge for you, Pinhead). The Rubik’s Fridge has two settings: one for cold and one for warm. It also comes with a 110V AC power cord for inside use and a 12V DC power cord for travelling (i.e., in a car) use. The Rubik’s Fridge – it’s not puzzling at all why it’s the perfect Cube for your cube.

Rubik's Cube Fridge 2It’s a Rubik’s Cube… for your food!
Does not actually turn, of course
This cube is forever unsolved
Has a warm and a cool setting for keeping food either warm or cold
Officially-licensed Rubik’s food technology
Rubber feet to protect surface
Locking door to prevent spillage

$104.99 - Get it now!
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Talk about it!
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