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Drink your primordial water from this set of 10 glasses. The glasses for the 8 planets are identical in size. The sun’s a little bigger than the rest, and Pluto’s a little smaller than the rest. Yes, we said Pluto. We knew that’d make you happy.

Planetary Glass Set 2Planetary Drinking Glass Set of 10
Glasses representing each of the planets in our solar system + the Sun and Pluto
Perfect for astronomers, astrologers, and people who like to drink
Capacity: 8 planets are 10 oz.; the Sun is 16 oz.; Pluto is 4 oz.
Materials: Glass
Dimensions: Planets are 3 1/2″ tall & 3″ diameter at widest; Pluto is 2 1/2″ tall & 2 1/2″ diameter at widest; Sun is 4″ tall & 4″ diameter at widest

$49.99 - Get it now!
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