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Showers can be boring. Especially first thing in the morning. Wake up the right way with the multicolor LED shower head! Try it in the dark – it looks super cool and is easy on the eyes!

Self powered by water pressure – no battery or electricity required (awesome)
Color fading to 7 different colors
Water consumption does not exceed 2.5-Gallon/min at 80psi
ABS chrome
Fit to standard 1/2-Inch hose

This unique showerhead does not use batteries or electricity to function. It uses water pressure to create the illuminating experience. It illuminates up to seven different colors, in white, yellow, orange, red, pink, blue and green. It’s easy and simple to install – just unscrew your current showerhead and replace it with the awesome LED shower head and you’re in business!

$45.00 - Get it now!
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Talk about it!
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