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Draw on it with markers – then wash it out! Comes with 8 wash-out fabric markers. Has ability to work with RPGs too – see link for details. Finally a reason for kids to stay at the table!

For Ages 6 and Up
Cotton tablecloth that looks just like a sheet of graph paper
Draw on it with the included fabric pens – it washes out!
Gets kids excited about family dinner time
Made of 100% cotton, pre-shrunk
8 wash-out fabric markers included (Other washable markers should work, but we recommend testing them in an inconspicuous area and double-checking that they come out in the wash before you go hog wild.)
Washes out in the Hot cycle of your washing machine (washes perfectly at 30C)
Smallest square measures 0.4in, semi-dark lines every 2in, dark lines every 4in
Dimensions: approx 6 feet x 5 feet

$49.99 - Get it now!
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