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Start your very own jellyfish habitat right on your desktop with this stunning jellyfish tank! After the tank is setup you can order real living authentic Moon Jellyfish straight from the manufacturer!

Included in kit:
* Acrylic Tank
* Light
* Bubble Tube
* Gravel
* Filter Cartridge
* Instructional Manual
* Whisper Quiet Air Pump
* Feeding Pipette
* Thermometer
* Hydrometer
* 50-Watt Heater
* Glass Pebbles
* Cycle

The Desktop Tank will support up to 8 Moon Jellies, although the manufacturer recommends starting with no more than 4 for the first two weeks so there is not a high biological load on the filter.  You can also add a variety of other compatible animals available in the manufacturers live accessories section.  After your tank is set up, return to the manufacturers website to order Moon Jellyfish and Frozen Jellyfish Food.

$249.00 - Get it now!
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