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Who actually knows how to properly cut a pineapple? Well with this awesome kitchen gadget, you’ll never have to worry about that first world problem again! Easily make restaurant quality looking pineapple slices!

The Stainless Steel Pineapple Easy Slicer is strong and easy to use. It makes peeling, coring, and slicing a pineapple so quick and easy. Simply slice off the top off of the pineapple, put the slicer on top and turn. The slicer cuts and cores in less than a minute and you have the pineapple sliced and ready to eat.

-Peels, cores, and slices an entire pineapple in seconds
-Made from durable, stylish stainless steel with a medium-sized blade
-Create one slice at a time or cut up the whole fruit at once
-Makes perfectly-shaped rings; preserves shell intact to use as a bowl

$10.99 - Get it now!
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