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Secretly get a head start on your drinking before you reach the club house for the after-game festivities! This drink dispensing golf club driver is perfect for storing your favorite alcoholic (or non alcoholic) beverage!

Drink Dispensing Golf Club DetailThis is the drink-dispensing golf club that allows golfers to discreetly get a head start on the 19th hole while still on the course. The unit’s club head and shaft give the appearance of a typical driver, yet it dispenses 1-oz. per second from a spout in the club head with the touch of a button. When inside a golf bag, the drink dispensing driver helps golfers maintain the illusion of proper course etiquette and won’t draw a second look from even the most astute course officials. The driver is connected to an insulated cooler that stores inconspicuously inside a golf bag and keeps up to 54 oz. of refreshments cool or warm for up to five hours.

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