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There are two different sets of Blades of the Rainbow Ninja to choose from. First, the Viper Twin Swords. These are full tang, stainless steel swords (two different sizes) which are coated in titanium for a rainbow finish. Second, there are the Triple Rainbow knives. These blades are titanium-coated stainless steel, too, so they are all the colors of the rainbow.

Blades of The Rainbow Ninja 2Two sets of stainless steel blades with a titanium coating – which gives them a crazy rainbow finish
Choose from two sets: Viper Twin Swords or Triple Rainbow Knives
Viper Twin Swords: Full tang, titanium-coated, stainless steel blades. Cord wrapped handles for grip. Includes over the shoulder nylon scabbard.
Triple Rainbow Knives: One-piece solid stainless steel construction. Anodized titanium rainbow finish. From master knife maker Gil Hibben.

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