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Why ride outside in the dangerous elements when you can sit in your home and ride a virtual mountain bike! This awesome simulator is perfect for exercising or general racing fun and would make a great addition to any exercise room.

This is the exercise bike and video screen that simulate riding a mountain bike through outdoor courses. Users pedal and steer the bike to control a computer-generated cyclist on the 17″ color LCD monitor and compete against other virtual cyclists on one of 80 outdoor courses, including a serpentine desert course and an undulating highland track. The bike’s electronically controlled pedaling resistance automatically increases or decreases to replicate the terrain gradients shown on the screen and sensors in the bike saddle monitor whether the user is sitting or standing and the computer-generated cyclist assumes the same posture. Squeezing the bike’s hand brakes or shifting its gears control the momentum of the bike on the monitor, simulating carving around a turn or braking to avoid a fallen competitor.

$7,000.00 - Get it now!
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