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The Une Bobine is a charger, a sync station, a stand, and a dock. All of this in one single cable, a cable that lifts your smart phone off the table, out of the reach of spilled soda or coffee, and holds it firmly in place wherever you need it.

Flexible Smartphone Charging Stand DetailUne Bobine: a portable recharging station for your smart phone.
Charging cable and tripod in one.
Bend it into a stand for portraits and long exposures.
Use it as a flexible extender for tight spots and weird angles.
Holds your phone in the perfect spot for FaceTime or Skype.
Compatible with iPhone 4 or older (30 pin).
Android version works with any device charged via MicroUSB.
Dimensions: 24″ long when stretched out.

$19.99 - Get it now!
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