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Whether you call their various parts the Dippers, the Plough, the Saptarishi, the Hesperides, or just Valacirca, you can make it so that these stars shine from even closer than their scant 80 light years away. These tiny white topaz can deliver the sparkle of Polaris, Dubhe, and Phecda right to you.

Constellation Earrings DetailBig Dipper and Little Dipper Climbing Earrings.
Wires are sterling silver.
13 2.2mm + 1 2.5mm (for Polaris) white topaz chips create the stars.
Wear them as dangle earrings to change things up.
Materials: Sterling silver and white topaz.
People with nickel allergies: these earrings are made from sterling silver, which can have nickel in it.

$24.99 - Get it now!
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